Awesome Camaro

A. Chandom

M Design Revolutionary Custom Alloy Wheels

1989, summer, the M-Concept was drafted. About the same year a few special events crashed the earth, Germany, USSR, Eastern Europe aswell as China, and changed the history of our world. A. Chandom, the founder and chief designer of the M-Design, started to use this concept “sometimes” for his later creations. It was just after a few year he tried his early careers as a musician, later a high school teacher, a Forex broker, a painter, or later... wandering through oceans , still without seeing a piece of land, only with his passion for different arts and, with tones of ideas!

1999, Autumn, A. Chandom had built himself to be more stable and mature, started to obtain some opportunities to work for an Italian alloy wheel company near Milano. His “why not” character, knowledge and experience in arts, brought to him hundreds of explosive ideas. V-Motec was a name being used before M-Design which served mainly some European car projects and his wheel projects. Around the same year M-Design product and service concept was formed but still was not used as a brand name.

2009, Spring, a year after the financial tsunami occurred in the west, M-Design concept products and services were activated. A. Chandom brought along with his passion for decades, writing a new page of his career and high performance customised alloy wheels.